HELP! Keep losing mobile service

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    I'm gonna lose my mind.

    Last week I did a factory reset. Everything was great for a few days. Then as of Monday, my phone no longer connected to mobile network. (I'm on Visible, which is a Verizon MVNO.)

    I tried the same SIM card in another phone, and it worked — but a different SIM card did not work in my phone. So it must be the phone, right?

    I looked at About phone > SIM card status:
    • Network: Visible
    • Mobile network state: Disconnected
    • Service state: In service
    • IMS reg status: Registered
    • Signal strength: -113 dbm
    Network Cell Info Lite app showed the nearest tower and:
    • SIM state: Ready
    • Service state: In-Service

    I tried resetting network settings and restarting in safe mode, but that didn't help. Visible said to take the phone in to Samsung repair center.

    So I did that. They ran a diagnostic, and said everything was fine. They said try factory reset again.
    So I factory reset the phone, again, from recovery mode, wiping with cache several times.
    After, service was working. Yay!

    But then a few hours later, the battery died, and ipon powering back up, I AGAIN no longer have cell service!
    Could it be related to adding a work profile? Enabling dev mode?
    Any bloody idea what is happening??

    I'm loathe to do another factory reset, as it takes me half a day to set up everything again (Work profile authentication, etc.)

    Please help save my sanity.