Help game i really wanna play not working for my tecno l3.

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    i got this game's apk and downloaded it's sd data, i played it to a point in the first level where it crashed with a notice "unfortunately splinter cell conviction has stopped working", for some reasons i deleted, and then installed it again with the same sd data, but as i launch it the resolution is higher than my phone's and as such i only see a portion of the whole game but still crashes like before, i got chain fire but it couldn't install on my android rather it just crashed it and i had to flash it, whoever can help, software or tweak, the things i need help in doing are reducing the game's "new" resolution to fit the screen of my phone and reducing the texture quality of the game or anything else so it stops crashing with "unfortunately splinter cell conviction has stopped working".
    it'd also be dope if someone could suggest a game editor that could be used to alter the game resolution and texture quality of a game like splinter cell conviction for android.
    anything just help!! i really wanna play this game!! God bless!!
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