Help Cant restore back ups on cwm and cwm will not let me unmount system

Discussion in 'Samsung Droid Charge' started by magicj3, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Ok, 3 days ago I rooted my Samsung Charge and left it on the stock rom. Last night when the screen would turn off, the phone would not turn back on unless i held down the power button then it would reboot and start up. It did this several times today until i went into CWM to try to restore one of my back-ups. Whenever I try to restore a backup date in CWM it says;

    E:format_volume: format_rfs_device failed on /dev/block/stl10
    error while formatting /system!

    Also in mounts and storage menu the unmount /system has now changed to mount /system, but it will not let me change it back to unmount /system when I try it says;
    Error mounting /system

    I am new a newbie so any help would be appreciated. I cant do anything with this phone if i reset it, it just stays stuck on the Samsung logo.

    I am on the latest build FP5 rooted running the stock rom.
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