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    Helllo everyone, I'm new to this thread and just rooted my Motorola Droid that I've had for quite a few months now. This is an introduction, and a question post. So, as I just said, i just rooted, and am currently running Bugless Beast v0.4 with the NexTheme. Everything is going well i guess, except my vibrate wasnt working. I went into setting and fixed that easily and everything is back to normal. Now everything is fine. Just two settings that i don't like and was wondering if there is a way to turn off. They are the auto-rotation for homescreens, and the popup when i recieve text messages. I cant live with the auto rotation, but i really would like to turn off the popup, as it also disrupts sleep mode, and would allow others to see it easily. If anyone knows how to turn these setting off, or change them somehow, please let me know. Thanks.