Hello, I am new to the Droid 2 Global phone, and am a 15 year Red Hat Linux and Fedo

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    I have had my Droid 2 Global phone for two months, I can see the advantage of removing the Moto-bloatware, I have heard that the Team De-Fuse support is gone. I donated to their site last night, and downloaded Fission 2.2.1 This seems like a way older rom than other users are running. I think the question that I am asking is if I use the Fission Rom Manager, will it automatically download a fresher version of the rom? And what of Team De-Fuse, will there ever be any future support for this rom? I have the sbf, the RSD-Lite, and the latest drivers, yet I am hesitant to install the rom, any input D2G users have would be a big help, and very much appreciated. Thank you, I have learned a lot from this forum.
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