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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by Diab210, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    Figured it was about time I made an account here since I've been stalking the shadows for a little bit now. I have owned my Motorola Droid for about 4 months now (after buying a Samsung Omnia two months before the Droids first came out... man I felt dumb). I am a recent college grad with a degree in mechanical engineering and starting grad school part time this fall. (Exciting right?) I am pretty good with computers... or so I think although I don't know much about programming aside from a basic C++ class I took in college. Unfortunetly about the most exciting thing I've done with my droid is put a protective case on it... also install LauncherPro. I am trying to fix that. I have been reading the different threads on rooting and installing Froyo onto the droid for the last couple of days and might give it a shot...so I am sure I'll be in the "please help me" forum later tonight because it didn't work... haha...

    Anyway - looking forward to joining this awesome Droid Community.
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    :welcome: to the Droid Forums. After reading over your introduction I strongly doubt you will need much help rooting and getting Froyo. You really don't need to root to get Froyo, it will root your Droid when it's installed. That may make things easier for you….or I just confused you.

    Anyway we are here to help so if you do need a hand just holler an we will try to help you out.