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    My name is Aaron, and I am a PC enthusiast who is very active at the EVGA and Guru3D forums. I bought my first smartphone --> Moto Droid a few days ago, and I'm one content owner!

    I enjoy OC'ing computers, gaming, software programming, rc planes, traveling and my job as a medical equipment salesman. I'm a 26 year old single guy who loves life and everything about technology.

    I rooted the phone very easily with the instructions posted on these forums. I've used about every ROM available for download in the ROM manager now, and I'd have to say undoubtedly that Bugless Beast 1.0 is by far the best. I've used the 800mhz, 1ghz, 1.1ghz and now the 1.2ghz kernel 7 slot bekit kernel. I'm scoring 771ms in CPU benchmark! that is higher than any other result in the online CPU benchmark results page.

    If anyone ever has any questions about overclocking the "PC" CPU and/or GPU just shoot me a PM. I'd be more than happy to help. I'm also very fluent in Linux and regular Windows Vista/7 as well.

    Well, that is about it. I think this is a wonderful forum, and I'm glad to be a part of it!
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    Welcome, and glad to have you on board. It's nice when we have someone new who is willing to offer help. Glad you were able to make use or our resources, let us know if you need anything as well.