Hello everyone and have a few questions?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by kordris, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Hello everyone my name is Kordris and Im new to this forum. I have gotten a milestone, a854 through alltel which is a cdma type phone. Now i was told this is the place to look for custom roms to run in Rom Manager. I have tried to use different was to root the phone and tried to use rsd lite to use the exploit but since the phone has android 2.1 update1 it had to be reverted back to earlier version that can be exploited but i have not gotten it to work also. I have gotten this error in rsd lite.

    critical error

    It has bootloader 2c6c on it. Now from what some people told me that it is more a droid then a milestone. But from what alltel tells me all milestones are droids but milestones have different stock boot or something to that effect. Also when I went to motorola tech support when i had some issues with the phone they told me the serial number thats on the phone and on the box is driod number. So.. Its confusing to me.. So pretty much i want to do is be able to load up a custom rom with a newer android version so i can load flash. Also want to be able to wifi tether the phone for my laptop and my hp touchpad. Since the phone still has the original android version on it , I cant use any wifi tether.

    Well thanks for anyhelp and also so far the site is very nice. Hope to find my answers on the site and maybe get some help to run some custom roms. Thanks

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    welcome to the forum. not sure about ur device. have u checked in the Milestone section

    Motorola Milestone