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    I just got the incredible on Wednesday and I'm just starting to get used to using it. It took awhile to get screens customized. the biggest draw back I have found is that almost every major interaction takes at least 2-3 steps. I'm wondering if you have also found this?

    2. when i answer a call (my hearing is not good) by holding it to my ear; the volume seems lower, is this due to my hearing or was this intentional?

    3. The biggest complaint i have is hands free voice dialing while driving. There's got to be something in the works? Or at least an app that steps around it?
    The closest I've seen is the Pioneer DEH-P7100BT car stereo. But who wants to install all that just so you can voice dial? I am really thinking of returning my phone because of this and waiting until they get this resolved. However I really like the phone other than that.

    And lastly; If I lower the resolution in my camera somehow? will I be able to zoom closer than I can with the default setting?
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thanks for helping me learn