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    Hi, thank you for the warm invite. Some about me. I joined the U.S. Army when I was 20yrs old. For Basic Training, I went to Ft. Know Ky. Oddly this is the same post my father had gone to for his basic training over years ago. From there I went to so far my fav state in the Union AZ. And completed AIT" Advanced Individual Training.@FT. Huachuca. If I could move anywhere in the World it would be AZ. From AZ I went to FT Richardson in Alaska near Anchorage. From there I went to FT Wainwright near fairbanks. While in Az I had a training accident. I fell approx 60ft down a rappel tower and needed surgery on my left foot to remove two fractured bones called sesmoids. This surgery futher aggrovated the injury and due to a staff infection in my left foot after surgery it left me further disabled and I was deemed non combat deployable, thus resulting in my medical dishcarge from the U.S. Army a total 2 years 10 months and 5 days was spent in the Army out of a 4 year contract. Thus after my medical discharge I was given a rating by the Department of Vetran Affairs of 30% the max for a foot injury. So I now get paid every month for the injury. Also I get free medical,dental and free burial/w American Flag . I was married for approx 4 years sad to say it did not work out. Approx three years I was labled by the VA as being Bi-Polar. So I take alot of meds for that. I have a cat named Kalista and the roles of our relationship are reversed She is the master and I am the pet :) I have had her since 1998 of OCt. I have been with Veriazon since 2001 and have had approx six phones with them my latest is the KICKIN Moto Droid. This is nodoubt the best phone I have ever owned. I have had a phone by LG, Casio,Samsung and now my Droid. This phone does so much and I have had the chance to extensively use the Iphone. Hands down the Droid smokes the Iphone. Although this is my first Moto phone, I am going to keep on buying Moto phones. Motorla hit this one out of the ball park. Any more questions just shoot me a msg, I am glad I found a site like this and are happy to be a member of it, Thank you again for the invite.:icon_ banana:
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    :icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana: Welcome to DroidForums FLE :icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana:

    It's Great to Have YOU Join us all here At DroidForums !!!!
    Its great to hear how you are enjoying your New Droid too.
    We Hope you enjoy your time in the Forums.
    Yes, I agree with you too, Motorola and Google Hit the Mark on the DROID.
    It is totally Kickin !!!!

    Here are a few Good Places to Start Your Life with your DROID

    Droid Themes
    Droid Applications

    I am sure you will find these interesting and informative.
    You are going to Love what that little device called a DROID can really do :icon_ banana:
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    :welcome: FLE!! Glad you found your way to over droidforums!! Thank you very much for your service!