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    Hi there. I thought I had already done this, but when I looked for my previous threads or any username I would usually use - I could find no trace! So I'm starting fresh.

    I've had my Droid X from Verizon about 2 months now and like it a lot. I'm a corporate-type and am really missing my BlackBerry a bunch though. Like others I'm sort of frustrated by the steep learning curve on this device. I can see it's very powerful and like most powerful tools it's complicated, but I'm willing to learn if I can just get some friendly help - that's why I've joined.

    I have a couple of issues right now that I will ask about here and probably also in the 'Droid X' forum.

    1. When Verizon copied over my contacts I ended up with duplicates of each of my 200+ contacts. Is there a easy way to delete the duplicates without doing it manually one by one?

    2. I loaded a bunch of ringtones that the X did not originally recognize as ringtones even though they were being used on my BB. I downloaded the recommended ringtone app from the marketplace and now I can see them in that app and can convert them from music files to ringtones and can assign them to different contact's incoming ringtone, but those same ringtones do not show up when I go into my email apps and try to see/activate them as notifications - all I see are the default ones provided with the phone!! ARRRGGG!! Why?? I want to set a different ringtone to each type of email account I use and all other communications like text msgs. What do I need to do??


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    1. If your contacts are synced with your Google Account, you can at least edit them via your browser (Gmail) instead of your phone. But there's probably a better way.

    2. Any files you put in these folders should automatically get added to the list of available ringtones/notifications/alarms:


    Not sure if they have to be a specific file format or not (the defaults are all .ogg or .wav)