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    Just wondering if anyone has found any heavy duty case (think: Otterbox) for the Revo.

    I currently have the Trident Kraken case, with which I am not very happy with. It was supposed to have a built-in screen protector (came with a shoddy press-on), and was supposed to be made of "Hardened Polycarbonate. It is not. When not actually on the phone, it feels very flimsy. Several of the clips that connect the front and back have broken off. The rubber material that encases the phone is quite soft and seems to protect the phone, along with dust caps for the headphone, USB and HDMI ports. It also comes with an EXTREMELY cheap holster that broke within 2 days. I have tried and failed to reach anyone who can help me at this company.

    I am now desparately looking for something that will protect my phone from drops, kicks, light rain, etc.

    Please post here if you have found anything that you think is a good protective case.

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