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    We have released the Headache Diary. Both free and paid versions are available.


    The keeping of a headache diary is a recommended practice to help detail the characteristics of personal headaches, including triggers and remedies. The headache diary is a tool that can help you tracking your headaches and generate detailed reports for your health care provider.

    Features include:
    • Add detailed entries
    • List historical headaches
    • Edit an existing entry
    • Display graphical reports of your headaches
    • Export the data as a CVS file for including in tools such as excel

    Paid Version available, additional features:

    • Additional charts & reports
    • Unlimited entries
    • Custom Root Cause entries
    • Custom entries for Location Of Pain
    • Ability to customized the medication list

    I you need such a tool we hope you find this helpful.

    we continue to improve the product thanks to our customers. If you have any comments please write to us.