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    hey fellas,
    so i was excited that my X does 720p vidz,but i noticed the sound sucks on it. Like for example,i play bass for my church, and during the period, my wife was recording using my X and when i got home,i hooked up my X to my AV receiver using the hdmi,and the picture was great BUT u couldn't hear the bass notes =( and i have 2 JBL venue 10 inch subs and nope,i thought it would be the hdmi from the phone not putting out a good enough sound,
    so i transferred to my laptop and plugged my laptop to my AV and same thing,no bass,do you guys have this problem too?my casio cam captures all my bass notes...and yes my bass is up and loud and my wife sits at the same spot every week. is there a app for a mic enhancer?or a way to turn off a mic?
    please,any help would br greatfull,thanks in advance dancedroid
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