[APPS] HBO GO = a cool sevice you may already pay for.

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by dcurtis, Nov 18, 2011.

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    First, let me say this to get any questions out of the way. I do not work for HBO nor am I getting paid in any way by HBO or any other service to write this thread. I simply love the HBO GO service and thought you might not know about this very cool application.

    HBO Go is like Netflix but only for movies. sports and series/events that HBO has broadcast. So, if you have HBO on your home TV, this service is free! Simply go to HBO or HBO GO and sign up, then go to to Market place for Droid and download the free app. It's that simple. I found this new product by accident when setting up my new Dish VIP922 for Slingbox and immediately fell in love with it. You may too, give it a try.

    I really liked the HBO series "ROME" and occasionally watch it from my DVD collection but now I can watch this series or other movies, such as "True Grit" , from anywhere on my Droid or laptop. It costs nothing if you already have HBO and it's a great service!

    FYI.. I find that viewing is better when on WIFI but I have watched it on a 3g connection and have had absolutely no problems.