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Discussion in 'HTC Droid DNA' started by dullers, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Hey Gang,

    I've got a DNA that I'm having some issues with, hoping to get some troubleshooting advice. About a month ago I shattered my screen on some tiles in my house. Phone still worked fine, soft powered down like normal and put it on my desk.
    Fast fwd to last week... I get a replacement screen, swap it out after reading tons of teardown threads here, go to boot it up, nothing. No charge lights either. Crap.
    Get a new battery, tear down again, not the battery.
    I've tried just bench-testing (without the case, etc) with both batteries and both screens now. I've double checked connections, done a pretty thorough once over for busted SMT's, etc. I'm a computer engineer & have very thorough troubleshooting skills, as well as intricate tools at my disposal. I've done lots of surface mount type repairs, etc. on PC motherboards & various other PCB & cables.
    As I don't have a whole set of working DNA parts to swap in/out for troubleshooting, I'm hoping you guys can provide some recommendations (or potentially something I overlooked?). TIA!

    tldr; Cracked my screen, replaced, phone won't boot. Thoughts?