Hardware or software issue?

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    The problem: There are 2 major symptoms occurring on my og droid phone. 1) the phone will experience what i can only describe them as minifreezes. I believe that the phone still works someone during that time and if i keep typing when i get it unfrozen it will type those letters. I can usually get it unfrozen by hitting the power button and sleeping and then unsleep it. 2) it is similar to the minifreeze in that i can usually undo it by sleeping, but instead of just being frozen it will mess up the screen like an old tv.

    The background: Ive had me droid about a year and a half now and its been rooted for about half of that. About six months ago this problem started and has gotten consistently worse. At first I assumed it was the kernel. So i switched kernerls and it didn't help the problem. They I assumed it was the rom (i was using UD at the time) and so I switched and for a while that fixed the problem. However, eventually the problem would creep back up so I began to suspect that it was a problem with gingerbread. So I switched back to froyo even though in every other aspect the gingerbread rom was working great. This didn't help and so I began to switch back and forth between roms for a while not really knowing what the problem was. Eventually, i experience the same problem in recovery, and even with the Motorola m and boot screen. I bought a new battery and that didn't seem to help either.

    Basicallly I think that it is a hardware problem with the phone now and that i just have to get a new phone. The only reason to believe otherwise is that the problem comes and goes and one minute the phone can be working great and another it could take me an hour to try and turn it one.

    Anybody know what I should do or seen this problem before and knows how to fix it?