Hard reset with fastboot??

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    Hello , I have a cheap Medion p4013 phone. Biggest mistake ever.
    Anyhow ... so I forgot my lock pattern and wanted to hard reset it ... because i've got my Usb debugging disabled i couldn't keep my own data , i'm fine with that .
    So with adb not working ( the adb shell thingy ) I succesfully got into the fastboot .... and then i did a very stupid thing ... i was unwise but i've entered these commands :

    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot erase cache
    fastboot erase boot
    etc... all the ''erase'' commands i could find ... thinking if everything was missing the system would just reboot itself and be as new .... NOT (very stupid of me ..i'm used of working with iPhones.)

    So now everything the phone can do is stay in the fastboot everytime i reboot it ... but it still listens to my commands so i can still use fastboot...

    How can i get the phone to factory settings? or just a working state? i have no recoveries on my system...

    I know it's alot .. but i'm very thankful in advance!!!

    Cheers !
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