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    Hi, I'm unsuccessfully trying to find apps for intellectually handicapped & low visual loved ones.
    Ideally the UI should only display grids of 6 to 8 images that can be tapped to make a call with all other options unavailable, eg. child lock.
    So far "Picture Dial" seems to be the only widget that allows a simple dial function with no other interaction, however trying to find a lock that functions with the widget has proved unsuccessful.
    I've tried SureLock, which if it worked well would be great, but it fails and could leave the user with a brick if they didn't know how to re-set
    Also tried most of the child locks I can find, however they allow games &/or user interactions which is great if your capable, however again, most handicapped just need a phone to call for help, so all I've tried fail there as well.
    The need is not only for my own family, but countless thousands of handicapped that are unable to use todays technology. (imagine trying to use your phone nearly blind and totally drunk)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting nowhere with this. A phone called the "Doo Phone" was under development that achieved this exact goal a few years back, but seems to have dropped off altogether, however the need is just as great today.
    Big button phones are ok but again, not if you don't know how to use the phone, simplicity is the key requirement.

    My apologies if this is posted incorrectly, I'm new & a bit lost.
    Thanks in advance for any help