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    Hello Droiders,

    I've read through previous posts regarding the Handcent and Stock messaging solution and it hasn't worked for me yet.

    Issue: Both the applications receive text on my HTC Incredible S phone.

    I've unchecked all notifications under the stock message application.
    I've unchecked auto retrieve under the stock message application.
    Handcent has been set the default application ( Under Handcent settings )

    Restarted the phone.
    But I still receive texts under the stock messaging application. I do not receive 2 different notifications. But when i open my stock messaging application it does have the new newly arrived text.
    I do understand that there is just one database file and handcent is just a client accessing it. Shouldn't unchecking the setting " auto retrieve " under the stock messaging application fix the problem ?

    Your inputs will be appreciated.
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