Halo like ToolBox Coming To The Galaxy S5! Demod At MWC!

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    The familiar UI element of Halo found in the Paranoid Android Rom has made its way to Touchwiz in the form of a Toolbox. This is not a messaging app or a multi tasking app like Chatheads from Facebook or Halo From PA, rather this is a toolbox that helps you quickly access your favorite apps. Toolbox is a floating app that when tapped expands into a list of your favorite apps. Once the app of your choosing is tapped the Toolbox returns to a floating icon. After a few seconds of inactivity it will fade, but is always available when you need it. This makes going from app to app a breeze. Most Android users only truely use a handful of apps on a regular basis. I know my top apps are all apps associated with youtube and social networks so I can definitely see myself using this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

    The new Toolbox was shown off at Mobile World Congress specifically on the Galaxy S5, and there was no mention of whether other devices would see this update in the future. It is more likely that this feature will be exclusive to the S5 for a while to encourage S4 and S3 users to upgrade. No worries the development community will have this out for the masses in no time. I would also be expecting an Xposed Framework module pretty soon!

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