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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by zathus, Jan 18, 2010.

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    so, Ive done just about everything to my droid. for the last few days, it was doing random reboots. at the time I was using the sholes rom. I saw a few issues posted about the MT browser so I did a wipe, reinstalled the rom with out the browser. same deal, random reboots. mostly when I was really using the phone like youtube, the internet ect. it would run fine for fast stuff but any time I really used it it would reboot. so, I did a nandroid to the way it was before installing the sholes rom. same thing, reboots. at this point, after dealing with the reboots for a few days I went all out, undid everything. put the phone back to stock. no busybox, su.. nothing. same thing, reboots. so I got a new droid today. my question is, what could it have been making my phone reboot? I would like to make sure I dont do it again. what in the phone can you mess with that will make it do reboots? btw, it wasnt full reboots, it was fastboots, were it just goes back to the bootanimation.