Had my Moto Droid since it came out but...

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    Hi, I'm new here and just decided to root my phone, and boy and I happy.

    I waited as long as I did because I wanted the feeling of a different phone when I saw the new droids coming out. I knew that time would come, when my Moto Droid would seem ancient by comparison, but now, by rooting it, it has new life!

    I have a 550MHz Arm processor running at (almost) 1GHz, and with the Chevy's SS 4.4, it's super fast and responsive. What more do I need? What more does any man need?

    This is the very reason I got the Droid, and not the Eris. I wanted a phone that could stand the test of time, and one with a physical keyboard JUST IN CASE I would ever need one.

    First I tried Ultimate Droid, and yes it looked very nice, but I was having an issue with the launcher, I couldn't seem to fix. So I went to Bugless Beast. This would not work properly. After this, I realized what everyone was saying about wiping the data and cache like 5 times before you install another ROM. I wiped about 5 times, then install Cyanogen, but it wouldn't work properly for me. What was it again...oh, the Android Market app was missing and I couldn't reinstall my apps. Not knowing what to do I went to Simply Stunning 4.4, and it worked like a charm.

    I'm still getting to know this new old phone I have. I can't wait to learn how to install themes next (btw, can anyone point me in the right direction for that?).

    The perfect fusion of reliable hardware, with updatable software:
    Motorola DROID.

    Simply Stunning 4.4 Convert
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    :welcome: to the forums.
    It seems that you are already having fun. Enjoy your stay with us.
    I am also running SS v4.4 with Smoked energy Theme, and love it.
    If you have any questions just ask. There are plenty of people ready to help.:)