Hacks lend me your ear's please....QPST?

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    Hello All that read my humble and almost desperate Q ,

    This is my first post here. On the " Howard Forums," I bought a Motorola Driod 2 for a member after a long conversation and good communication It seems that this phone will work just like a production model . It is like new $200 . I have been with Page Plus Cellular( with a great little Nokia) , which uses Verizon's towers because it is much cheaper and no contract . I need a smart phone now for internet ( work related ) and why not the best ? ( a Driod 2 , in my simple opinion ) .

    I was trying to do an ESN change from the nokia phone . An over the air programing attempt , failed and it said "Test Phone " . not for public use . The phone is just like a production model . but I think it needs something done to be able to register some ware else , other than Verizon it self .
    Howard forums was useless in helping me with my problem ( 3 posts ) later I am now here .
    I have read some very interesting things on this forum, Like loading a PRL program to change a carrier .
    I am so new to this I barely know anything about Roms .
    will I have extra problem because this is a test phone or is this Verizon's firm ware blocking my changing Carriers ?
    What do I do to get this "Test phone" programable ? a QPST ?

    Thank you .

    Alex .
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