H2O No Contract Running off AT&T Network

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    A friend of mine decided yesterday to take his girlfriends AT&T IPhone 4S that is no longer under contract and try to set it up with H2O... He asked for my assistance in trying to do this so with not much to do I agreed to help... I started by telling him that if it could be done to not expect much as far as data speed with companies like this who piggy back off of major carriers towers... So he was fine with that, and basically wanted a extra working phone and didn't expect good speeds for the price of 60.00 a month which is the plan we decided on trying after browsing there web site which includes free international calling since a relative lives abroad... So off we went to get a sim card from best buy for 10.00 that then needed to be cut to a micro... next step to purchase the 60.00 plan and set up service which was automated by following prompts and give area code to get a local phone # no problems at all 10 min we were setup... inserted sim into phone and rebooted and H2O appears at top left corner with a strong signal and 4G symbol.... ?????? Wait for a second something is weird im not a IPhone guy but know enough that they are not a 4G phone.... Anyway thought it may just be there for appearance purposes and laughed then continued to set up... Phone call to my razor went through loud and clear in a fast matter.... sent a text to my razor with no trouble .... Then tested the net... here was a bump said not activated.. after a check of settings I realized it was on AT&T still for provider and could not change that.... ???? Did some research and found how to change the APN setting ... Went to a web called www.unlockit.co was then able to change and set APN to H2O ... after that tested internet and it worked.. But not only that....... It seemed fast!!!!!! Yes... Fast!!!!! So I decided to load a page that I know is graphic intense and takes a bit to load on my razr on Verizon 3G .... I was amazed it was fast as fast or faster than my phone.... believe it.... I could not.... I live in a 3G only area... So I made sure Wifi was off because I needed it to access the web to change settings earlier... and it was off... Wow im impressed... So next test was went to apple market to download speed test.... after install I ran the test.... 4.92 down 2.96 up ping 129 .... no freaking way!!!! Did it again after a few minutes of disbelief and results were 5.51 down 3.08 up 129 ping... Not bad at all actually great!!! This phone was not unlocked or jailbroke... So all in all not bad for 60.00 service...

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