Gummy Rom 1.0.1 makes its way to the Droid Pro!!!

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    Time and time again developers do things that amaze by making older outdated and sometimes unpopular devices really fun to use! Here is one of those cases. Rom Porting Master "X13thAngelX" has put together another outstanding port, this time for the Droid Pro. He has ported Gummy 1.0.1 to your device. Not only will this rom increase functionality and performance of this device, but it also adds a huge list of customization options!


    One of the funnest parts of this rom is the 8 bit bootanimation of the Gummy poptart eating thing that poops rainbows! Its also includes some audio. This feature may not be for you if not don't worry just turn off the bootanimation in the settings. This rom is based on Android ICS version 4.0.4! It does include performance settings so that you can set your cpu max and min speeds. It includes lots of tweaks and mods to enhance performance and optimize battery life. It also includes System UI tweaks for an even snappier experience. Some other mods included are batter percentage mod, faster rotation animation, T9 dialer, customizable battery options, soft keys can be turned on, led settings, apex launcher, pulldown widgets, quiet hours, auto backlight and tons more!

    Grab this rom here


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    Frikkin awesome! Droid Pro ftw!