Guess what...another "Help Me Decide" Thread...TB or INC2?

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    Finally time for my new every two! I have the Droid X, and I'm deciding between the Thunderbolt and the Incredible 2. I do not like the hard-press buttons on the X and Charge, so I'm set on those two. Plus I love the front-facing camera.

    So here are the questions- would I be taking a step down to get the Incredible 2, or is it just a level move, or what?

    Also, I'm not positive about the size and weight of the Thunderbolt- I'm a mom with two little ones, pulling my phone out ALL the time to check things, take pictures, play little games, update my calendar, etc, and I'm thinking the form and size of the Incredible 2 will be better in my hands.

    Then again, I'm slightly interested in the 4G option (available in my area) on the Thunderbolt, but is it really THAT much faster? Plus the fact that it's so "new". Pretty much every person I know (okay, like five people) have the old Incredible, and only one person has the TB. Yes, keeping up with the Jones' at its best.

    Any thoughts would be great! I'm really excited to get a new phone (and my hubby to get the X), but I am literally torn down the center.

    So....any thoughts? Something I'm overlooking?

    ETA: and reason I should not order through Firefly/Best Buy/etc.? Definitely not something I've done before, but their price is a LOT lower on both phones....
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