GSM-Only Battery Life (UK & France)

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    I'm gathering information for a trip to France and England at the end of August. I have a GSM-only prepaid phone from a previous trip but this time I plan to use my Razr and my wife's Razr Maxx with European SIM cards. I don't know whether it's inherent to GSM technology or just a benefit of a denser tower network, but I've always had incredible battery life on GSM phones in Europe.

    So, I'm wondering whether I can expect a miracle. Will my Razr's battery be transformed from not-really-adequate to outstanding when I turn off the CDMA radio? What can I expect if I use (very moderate, €€€€!) data?

    Also, if anyone has good or bad experiences with various European and international carriers to share, I'm all ears.

    Thanks in advance,

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