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    My friend over at Gremote, Marcin, stopped by again to drop a little news on you. The application has been updated 3 times this week. Now these updates aren’t security updates in any sense, but rather, he is improving the application little by little. The latest features he added can be seen on the image above. The first big improvement is the addition of widgets for quick start and music controls. Now the software is not the only big update you’ll find when visiting his site. The application is now priced at a very nice $4.99, down from $9.99, which we feel like we might have had something to do with it. Nevertheless, you can download the application in the market and install the counterpart on your computer for an improved price.
    Change log:
    [FONT=&quot]- shortcut for profiles - long press on Home sreen and select Shortcut option, then GRemotePro profiles
    - new GRemotePro music Widget 4x2 - if you have a problems with widgets please remove application and install again
    - new layout for old (4x1) music widget
    - new high resolution app icon
    - added translations: Czech, Russian, Chinese
    - fixed communication problem in widget
    - fixed some FC reported by users[/FONT]
    The developer has one request from you thought. He asks if there are any improvements you can think of while using the application, please let him know, or PM me and I’ll IM him. He would very much like feedback for future updates. I told him the update I want is the one that gives me a Tron theme, so he is working on that.

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