GRemote Pro - the best way to control PC using your Droid

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    GRemote Pro is a software, that lets you to remotely control popular applications on your PC using a mobile phone or PDA with Android system on board. It makes easy to access with one click even a very well hidden functions of almost every media software on the market. Controlling presentaions in PowerPoint, using Media Player, listening to Winamp, watching TV on your PC, playing games have never been so easy.

    Tips for Droid:
    - please install version for Android 2.0 from the market (there are two version please read desc.)
    - if you have modded version with multi-touch you can use pinch to zoom function when you browse Internet or use text processors.
    - if you have a problem with firewall and Wifi please use bluetooth profile - but remember, you need to pair your device first in Android settings.

    More info about program and features on homepage:

    You can find videos here and screenshots here.


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