Greenlight go launcher EX theme v1.3

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    Greenlight go launcher EX theme v1.3
    Requirements: Android 2.0 or higher
    Overview: The second season of ZPUI GO launcher Theme - Greenlight, only in the winter can find green precious, only near the desert can feel the life the heavy. This craving is not only on a seasonal yearning, but also the energy, power, vitality of craving. Greenlight, supplemented by Cham blue shimmer, with gorgeous attitude for your interpretation from the new hope for the future. Let’s keep long in the palm of the hand. Embrace the green light, feel the reborn.


    1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed! (Search “GO Launcher EX” to download) [Download GO Launcher EX]
    2. Apply the Theme: MENU->Themes->Choose “Classic” theme.
    3. Search “GO Launcher EX Theme” in the Android Market to get more fantastic themes.
    4. The weather and clock widget in screenshots belongs to GO Weather, Search “GO Weather” to download if you like.
    5. Other useful widgets in screenshots are our GOwidgets. (Search “GOwidget” in Android Market to find them at once!)
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    Download Instructions:
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