Grandpa Friendly Crescendo Launcher Home Screen Replacement App

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    Did you ever want to talk your Grandpa into using a smartphone? Some old dudes are plenty tech savvy however there are the ones that hate change, and can't stand technology. Think about the Esurance commercial where Earl explains the usefulness of buttons on his old trusty dinosaur phone. He doesn't understand how anyone with a smartphone could get anything, especially calling someone, accomplished since smartphones don't have a button for each number. There are also those of you who need a simpler user interface to keep you from being distracted by all the entertaining features of a smart phone.


    The Crescendo Launcher is the perfect home screen replacement app to keep you focused on work or whatever else you happen to be working on. This launcher helps you to focus on the things that matter when using your device so you can get in and out. This is also the perfect app to help both seniors and children to better understand their smartphones and tablets. Features of Crescendo include Net Manage (turns on internet automatically if it sees you are trying to use an app that needs it), Simple apps, Help Central, Simple Settings, Personalized Experience, and more!

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i need a simple homescreen for my grandpa