GPA16 + SS5.4???? For D1

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by Art Vandelay, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Hi all, looking for some rom help. I've been a big fan of Chevy's GB roms based on the overall stability and the amount of tweaks and customization you can do, but I have serious issues with the navigation. I need to be able to use the navigation without any problems and SS5.4 isn't doing that. It freezes, FC, and rebooted the phone no matter what while in use.

    I flashed GPA16 today, but it is just to basic for me. It feels really smooth, but not sure I can sacrifice all the features of SS for more stability.

    Does anyone have suggestions for what I should try, that has reliable navigation. I'm d/l the latest miui as we speak (used it once a long tome ago, so worth another try to see what's new).

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    This is just my opinion but here it is. First, MIUI is way too buggy. I have never had a problem with navigation on SS so I'm not sure what happened there. I was a beta tester for Chevy when he was coming out with 5.4 and found no issues when installed correctly with a fresh wipe. If you like, you can compare my steps to installing 5.4 with your own and see if anything happened differently.

    Downloaded 5.4 via PC.
    Backed up all apps and contacts via MyBackup Root
    Reboot into recovery
    Wipe data/factory reset 3 times
    Wipe cache partition 3 times
    Wipe dalvik cache 3 times
    Reboot into recovery
    Flash 5.4
    Reboot into recovery
    Flashed 1100mhz medium voltage kernel
    Reboot into Android

    Those are the exact steps in that order that I followed and had no issues at all with anything. Although Chevy recommends using RZRecovery, I used ClockworkMod (others have used CWM too with no issues).

    What recovery were you using and do your install steps differ from mine at all?
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