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    Hi Peter and Team,
    Great work on your 2.3.4 release, thanks!
    I installed the May 31 build of GPA16 on a Moto Droid, working fine in my initial testing, might of seen a wifi hang but I need to test more. More likely a noob issue on my part.

    Do you have any sense where the Google ADK support gets active in 2.3.4 builds? I tried to use this device with a stock set of the Google ADK libs on a Arduino device and I'm getting a message on the Arduino side saying 'Could not read device protocol version'. Plugging in a Nexus S with 2.3.4 to same Arduino device works find.
    Kernel version on Nexus S is:
    Build GRJ22
    On your May 31st beta I have:
    Kernel version:
    Build GPA16

    Thanks for any insight you might have on this.

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