GPA ROM and app2sd with sd-ext

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    Hi All,

    I know we can move apps to the SD card using Application Manager and Titanium Backup, as well as other various apps from the Market. My question is, has anyone had success with using the sd-ext option?

    I ask as I've been able to partition my SD card to have an sd-ext partition (Ext3 to be exact), but for some reason I cannot get it to mount. I know that if it mounts your supposed to be able to see it in Root Explorer and/or Titanium Backup. I've searched the forums and tried various methods, but to no avail. So I'm reaching out to see if someone using GPA15, GPA16, or even GPA17 has successfully accomplished this on the OG DROID.

    I know if it's done right everything associated with the app can be moved to the SD card, including what goes into the dalvik cache, so everything resides on the SD card, and the minimal 256MB of internal storage we get doesn't get sucked up. I'm tired of having to uninstall apps so I don't run out of space. I know I can use Link2SD to move everything over, but I really need to get the sd-ext to mount appropriately. Whatever help can be provided (step-by-step maybe) is appreciated.
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