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    ok so I wasn't do for a upgrade until my b day in october, so i conviced my dad to let me use his upgrade since he only cares enough for a phone that makes calls and thats it.

    so my mom checks our upgrades right? well she calls a Verizon representative, and there is a special for Alltel customers only with Verizon that if we agree to be on a Verizon plan instead of Alltel, we save more money on the plan, and my whole family gets upgrades, was gonna get the N1, but i gotta go with the Droid:motdroidvert:, gonna be playing that Mario on the bus ride to my new high schools b ball game all day:D

    only thing is, instead of us have 21 slots to call anyone, we will only have 11, who needs that when you have the Droid right:)?
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