Got my Refurbished D2G today

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2 Global' started by warped1987, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Set it all up, it's running great, the old one definitely was Defective, it wasn't just me, lol.

    Only problem I slightly had was I rebooted it once and I got this black screen of death with white letters about the bootloader and some other stuff, so I kinda freaked out, but just rebooted it again and it went away, lol.

    Was also kinda sad that I lost all my Storm8 saved game settings :( All that hard work gone, gotta start over and add a crap-ton of new people again, and get back to the 100+ levels on all of them, grrrr.

    On a side note, got to play with the D3 today in the store. That phone is *****IN! Kinda weird not having a Camera Button, but you learn to live without stuff I guess. Was wondering if getting one on Wirefly would get me the discounted price of $149.99 because they show this Renewal/Upgrade price. Does it mean I can renew my 2 year contract and get the phone for that price, just starting my 2 years at a newer date?
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    that update price is for when your conract is up, so unless your two year contract is up, you have to pay full price.
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