Gorilla Glass 2 to be 20% thinner

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    We have some more news for the ardent fans of Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass 2 now comes with a thinner profile. The second iteration of this incredibly tough glass boast's a 20% reduction in thickness with the same strength integrity as the original. How will that impact devices?

    According to Corning the glass allows for brighter images and greater touch sensitivity. We are going to assume it will achieve the illusion of brighter images because of it's thin profile. Perhaps they will expand on that claim tonight at CES. It will also allow for a thinner handset. It's looks like in 2012, thin will be in. Some of the thicker devices of 2011 may just end up with a complex.

    Remember if your handset ask's you "Do i look fat?" just say "you look great!"

    Source: Slashgear