Google Working with Udacity to Help Programmers Develop for Android

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    The above video is a quick teaser of a partnership between Google and the educational organization Udacity. The intention is to offer a program of classes designed to help folks become app developers for Android. The educational materials and course work will be free, although there will be a paid option which will give you guidance from living human tutors.

    There will be a step-by-step training program on how to build an Android app. Google's intention is to share the best techniques and practices in mobile development currently available. Keep in mind that this is meant for budding developers who are already savvy in programming. This is not a freebie program for neophytes. Still, if you have some experience in mobile languages, this could be a great way to step up your game or move from your current environment to the Android mobile platform.

    Here are a few more details:
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