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    Tonight my DW reminded me I need to get a Mothers Day card for my Mom in NC. I grabbed my wallet and zoomed down to the grocery store to get a card and a couple of other grocery items. Someone recently mentioned a program called Wallaby for Android which I installed today. It told me that my AMEX Blue Everyday was the best card for supermarkets right now. I was like OH CRAP, I don't have that card in my wallet. Was ready to just use my Quicksilver 1.5% cashback card instead. Then it hit me....I have the AMEX Blue card stored in Google Wallet and this grocery store has the NFC reader! So, I tried it (the cashier kid was holding his breath, along with the bagger girl), and bam, it worked! I will get the 5% back for the purchase, plus I totally impressed the cashier and the bagger girl....they both were like - HEY, this NEVER works and asked if it was an iPhone or Android. So I told him and said, the reason it never works any other time is because those others are using an iPhone [​IMG] I'm a 50+ geek.

    So, hopefully the NFC catches on. Was sure nice tonight. Also, I highly recommend people looking into the Wallaby is a great resource to see which card of mine is best for whatever purchase I'm about to make.
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