Google Response To Oracles

Discussion in 'Android News' started by WenWM, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Well after a long vow of silence from Google, they have finally responded and Engadget has a detailed write up for us. I for one am very lost (checkout my sig) on this topic, but since this effects us, I think we should know a little about it.
    After Google was sued by Oracles, they did not respond or anything, and now we know what this whole battle is about and why Google is on the wrong:

    Now if that does not make sense to you, I know how you feel.

    I guess all I took out of this is Android is becoming that cool bad boy we all wanted to be in High school.... Fonzie-Droid we can call it.

    Thanks for the explanation Enagadget
  2. Vergina_Droid

    Woe is Google

    Is this why there are so many apps that have suddenly vanished from the market? There is literally no mp3 download apps. That wicked 360 Live app that was my mobile gaming HQ is also gone. This is Google's way of cleaning house and making sure they don't get multiple copyright lawsuits, I wonder? Either way, I really just want my 360 Live app back.