Google Play Services not working after battery replacement

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    My phone is 2 years old and the battery wasn't holding charge anymore. Went on youtube and found a video tutorial for replacing the battery. Looked simple enough. I ordered a new genuine Motorola battery ($25 for EV40) and tool kit for $6. Did everything per the tutorial and successfully replaced the battery. Only real challenge was completely hooking back up the two ribbon cables that connect the screen to the motherboard (at first my screen didn't come on then after getting that to work the touchscreen wouldn't work but eventually got both to work).

    After getting the screen to completely work I noted that the Date/Time was wrong. Time is off by exactly 2 hours and the date is 1970. When I disable "get time from network" and try to set it manually it doesn't hold the change. I also keep getting a Google Play Services error. I cannot access email, yahoo IM, Google Play store. What works is texting, phone and I can access the internet with Google Chrome browser. I called Verizon support and the Rep reset the network (didn't work) and we did a Factory Reset (same problem. no change).

    She suggested that maybe somehow I damaged the antenna during the battery replacement. I was careful during the swap but won't discount anything since nothing to this point works. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions as to what could be the cause and what to try? If the problem is/could be the antenna does anyone know where it is and could describe or attach a picture? I saw one picture on the internet for a Droid Razr HD and it showed five antennas (Main, LTE, WiFi/Bluetooth, SVDO and NFC). Any idea which antenna would cause the problems I'm experiencing? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, I just did the same thing about 1 month ago with no problems. Just thinking maybe you forgot to connect one the ribbon connectors? I would open the phone back up and go back through the procedure to see if you missed something. I see your from New Jersey , me too ! I live near Woodbury. Good Luck, hope You fix it.