Google Play on my Razr Maxx and new tablet

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by bocabean, Dec 10, 2012.

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    So my wife decided that I should have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! Wow, was I surprised. I have been using a Moto Lapdock 500 (and plan on continuing to do so), but I think that she felt that I needed a "real" tablet device for some of my work.

    After setting up my Gmail account, I found that most of my apps loaded right in, I thought that I was good to go. Unfortunately, I have had some problems going on with Boxcryptor, which I use to secure the files in my Dropbox account. The tablet does not recognize the Boxcryptor password, which I use on my laptop and other devices to get into the files encrypted within Dropbox.

    I tried uninstalling it (along with the registration key) and I discovered that it also uninstalled it from my phone! Is Google Play an all or nothing thing? Now I went back into Google Play and re-installed the app on the phone, although the Pro key isn't showing up anywhere now.

    How can I make these two devices get along?

    Any thoughts and recommendations are most welcome.

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