Google Play Music Not Detecting WiFi

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    I have the HTC One M8. For a long time I had no issues until the new OS version Marshmallow was installed. Ever since, Play Music does not detect that I am on a WiFi connection, yet any other app works fine.

    The strange thing is that if I turn off the option "stream only on Wifi" and turn off mobile data, I can still stream, so it is using Wifi without knowing it. The problem is though that I cannot download anything on Wifi, and all of my previous downloads have been removed. They are still listed in my library but are not downloaded.

    So basically, I can stream on wifi, but cannot download anything or listen to my previous downloads without sucking up mobile data. I only have a 1gb plan so this is not an option.

    I talked extensively with google support. They had me clear cache, clear data, uninstall and reinstall the app, remove my google account, etc., all to no avail. Their last suggestion is to do a factory reset on my phone, which is an extreme measure I'm not willing to take.

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    Any further help is appreciated.
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    "Stream only on Wi-Fi" doesn't prevent streaming on WiFi when it's turned off. It only limits streaming to WiFi alone when it's on. It's meant to prevent you from using mobile data unless you tell it otherwise. So it will allow streaming on WiFi under all circumstances. The only time the phone will not stream on WiFi is when WiFi is turned off or you are not near an authorized WiFi access point.

    The problem with not having access to your apps on WiFi may not be fixed unless you do a factor restore however since it seems to me that there is something corrupting the OS as pertains to reporting of the various radios and their current state. This could be an unauthorized third party app you installed, an authorized app from the Play Store, or a corruption of the OS.

    I would start by uninstalling apps going back one by one to remove any apps that may not be fully compatible with the new version of the OS. Beyond that, a restore may be your only option.

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