Google Plans to Dominate India's Smartphone Market in October with $100 Android One

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    With the talk of Android L, Android Wear, Android TV and other Google I/O announcements dominating the mobile media landscape lately, it's easy to forget that Google also announced a product called the Android One. According to the latest intel, Google is poised to dominate the smartphone market in India as early as October of this year.

    The plan with the Android One is to bring an ultra-affordable, yet capable device to millions of new customers. They plan to do this by offering the device for as low as $100 off contract. A few of the specs of this device are already known, including the following:
    • 4.5-inch display
    • FM radio
    • Dual SIM and microSD support
    • Android L - unconfirmed but highly likely
    Here's a quote with a few more of the details,

    Google is getting Androids into the hands of millions more customers very quickly and cheaply so they get hooked on Google's Services. This seems like a brilliant strategy.

    Source: BGR