Google Photos Helps You Make The Most Of Your 16GB Device!

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    Now that flagship devices are no longer coming with expandable storage options for the most part most people would be better off to spend a little extra money on devices with extra storage built in. However if you really want that new smartphone and don't have the extra $100 or so to spend on the extra storage you can make due with the 16GB that come with some base model phones.

    The files that take up the most space on your phone are more than likely your high quality photos and videos. Once you have your photos backed up to the cloud you can really access them any time you want as long as you are on line. There is really no reason to store them locally if you don't have to. The Google Photos app has been updated with a new "Free Up Space" button. When you press this button it will delete all photos stored locally on your device that have already been backed up. This frees up precious space on your device which can be used for apps and games. Grab the update for the Google Photos app from the Play Store.

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    ...don't tell this to the people that apparently live underground and need to have every single one of their photos, movies, and songs with them everywhere they go all the time!!!
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