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    Well this is my first post, I have to give a big thanks to all that spend the time answering questions and helping out those of us who need it. As to my problem, I finally rooted wifes droid eris with 1 step root, down loaded KaosFroyo v31 to root of sd card. In recovery I did a nandriod backup then did a wipe and install from zip. It booted to the android slogan and wouldnt go any further, tryed to restore nandriod of stock rom but got an error, I then downloaded Sense-able 3.1 on computer and connected the phone thru usb in recovery and put on sd card. Phones up and running except I get "google partner setup (process message and force closes everytime when trying to log into google account. Anyone else with this issue or any help would be great, thanks all
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