Google Now's Best Features Shown Off in Ten Minute Video

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    Google Now is easily one of Google's most significant software innovations, yet is frequently an "unsung hero." From its hyper-intelligent search characteristics to its voice command, Google Now is currently the benchmark of such technology. One of the things that makes it stand out is the fact that Google continues to improve and refine it, constantly adding new features and functions to make it even more useful. In fact, to make sure we haven't forgotten everything Google Now is capable of, an enterprising user named Jean-Louis Nguyen, just released a new video which shows off the most distinctive new features added to it over the past year.

    The ten minute length of the video alone is a testament to how polished Google Now has become. Google Now's ability to answer a massive variety of questions with excellent accuracy is almost spooky at times. Perhaps a decade from now Google Now might just evolve into some form of Artificial Intelligence. In the mean-time, check out the video so that in 2023 we can look back and laugh at its old baby videos!

    Source: PhoneArena
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    The conversational search is very took me a couple of tries dealing with people. The longest conversational search I could get was...

    "Who is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos" - three names on the list
    "How old is peyton" - show age
    "where was he born" - new orleans
    "show me what to do there" - several results
    "how do i get there" - nav with directions

    the food one was very interesting with nutrional facts, but still tricky. it couldn't figure out "how many calories are in 20 piece Chicken McNuggets" but it did know "how many calories are in a big mac"

    if google would just allow us to edit cards and see them in a browser, then i wouldn't be so pissed about iGoogle going away :(
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