Google Now is Coming to Your Desktop; Can be Found in Chrome Canary

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    We knew eventually that Google Now would show up on the desktop, but we didn't know it would be sooner rather than later. Chrome Canary, which is the newest beta of Google's Desktop browser, has Google Now deeply embedded within it. The functionality can be enabled by setting the correct flag (chrome://flags/#enable-google-now) and performing a simple reboot of the software. Afterwards, it will show up in your system tray in Windows or your menu bar on OS X.

    This desktop version of Google Now is not as feature rich as the mobile version, but it still includes some of the bit ticket items like receiving updates about weather, scores for sporting events, traffic and commute times, event reminder cards, etc. In the past, builds of Google Now have been spotted in older versions of Windows browsers, but this is the first time you can enable a working option. More than likely we should see it show up in a full and completed version sometime this year.

    What do you guys think? Is it about time we saw Google Now come to the desktop? For more info, and a more in-depth description of how to enable it, head to the source line below.

    Source: GoogleOSBlog