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Discussion in 'Android Smart Phones Forum' started by shaanewarne, Mar 22, 2010.

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    The million dollar question is when will it be avaialble to buy subsidised on a Vodafone contract, and when it does will it still be as current. It's already two months since the sim free and it's expected to appear on Vodafone next month and three months is long time in the mobile world.
    The Desire, Legend HD2 and Passion and all the other HTC phones are coming through and are every bit as capable as this but without the Google branding.
    And I really hope that VF don't "brand" it, and make it worse than the stock firmware by putting "Live" buttons everywhere. This is a Internet ready SmartPhone, I don't need a link to the Vodafone WAP portal on every screen hard coded into the firmware.